Welcome to the donation page! Here, you can make a game developer feel special.

What are donations used for?
First and foremost, any costs associated with the website or shell host, to make sure the games stay up and you have a place to discuss them. Other than that, they help me keep myself alive, indoors, and developing games!

Why should I donate? What does my donation get me?
If you like the game, your donation makes sure people can keep playing it, and in active projects such as Sigrogana Legend 2, it motivates me to work harder on development and content additions.

But if you'd like something back from your donation, I understand. So, here's how donation rewards work:
  • Sigrogana Legend 2 - You receive 1 Asagorian for every 1c donated (minimum of 5 dollar donation, due to Paypal fees/etc. Ex: 5$ = 500 Asagorians)
These can be used to purchase items unique to the game's respective donation shop.
  • You can view SL2's by talking to Matsuri in an Asago Corporation building and clicking the shop button.
How to Donate
Click the button below! You'll need a Paypal account to donate. Please add these two things to the Purpose field you see;

(1) Key: [Your BYOND Key]
(2) Game: The game you're donating for. This is either SL1 (Orbs) or SL2 (Asagorians).

I process donations manually, so please be patient; however, I tend to process them immediately if I'm available to, and it should never take more than 24 hours. Please e-mail my Paypal e-mail address if you have any issues or have forgotten one of the above fields. Please note that automatic payments do not seem to work, so save yourself some trouble and don't use them.

Feel free to page me on BYOND after you make a donation. I will likely respond much faster that way!