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    Cool The Real Dumbass Quotes Thread and DME Bingo Return!

    Since the one already on this forum was started by someone without the permission of the person who started it before, I'll take it upon myself to revive a true dumbass quotes thread. But, I'm going add an extra bonus of the old DME Troll Bingo list. It's twice the fun to see if you can find a dumbass quote and find a number on the list to match it with!

    1. "j00 scared to duel me, lawl"
    2. "It was my brother/uncle/cousin/mother/dog"
    3. Excessive RPing On Worldsay
    4. Yugimonz = Honor!
    5. "I don't care, let me show you I don't!"
    6. Threatening to take legal action on the internet
    7. "I have aspergers and that's why.."
    8. Spamming duel requests
    9. Winning Yugimonz = Always Right
    10. Winning Yugimonz = Superiority!
    11. "I placed at regionals! Respect me!"
    12. "It's just my opinion (and that makes it okay)"
    13. "It was just a /joke/ lawl, you'd find it funny if you were more of an asshole.."
    14. Just use Magic Jammer against Raigeki. Raigeki is fair that way.
    15. "Don't make me beat you up on the internet" aka Internet Tough Troll
    16. "No talking, only duel! Ddduuueel!" aka The Duel Zombie
    17. "I'm not a sexist/racist/homophobic but...<insert next statement which proves they totally are>"
    18. Creating a clan (esp. Dark Signers), and 'forcing' people to join it.
    19. Excessive Punctuation (!!!one!one!)
    20. "I took psychology so I'm an expert on this stuff.." aka Pretentious Troll
    22. "I got booted for /just/ trolling and being a general asshat? Abuse!"
    23. "Well it'd be faster if you just told me, gawd. It'd take like, more than five minutes to read the help file so why should I?"
    24. "No one duels here omgawd!!!" aka The Tantrum Thrower

    Bonus Points: These are a few that don't come up as often but certainly still come up, so I've decided to make them a bonus. If you get one of these then feel free to mark off any one of the numbers above you want for your bingo score.

    1b. 'You people are losers for playing this game, you have like no life' (Said by a trollface currently on the game wasting their time telling you how much you're wasting yours) aka The Not Very Self-Aware Troll

    2b. The Faux-Apology: The trollface claims to be sorry for being a troll, claiming to be a changed person. This will sooner or later be followed by More trolling from that exact person, proving they were not really sorry in the first place.

    3b. You GMs shouldn't have opinions or criticize people, boot when we tell you to! aka Entitlement/Spoiled Brat Syndrome

    4b. I'm gonna report you to Byond because you won't let me be an asshole. aka... This is just really stupid, I don't really have a name for it.
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    <Chronos> White hole wins games!!
    <AFuzzyMuffin> True that
    <Chronos> Ikr
    <Adamtheamazing64> we have white hole now?
    <AFuzzyMuffin> We should
    <Chronos> white hole has always been a card right?
    <AFuzzyMuffin> Its needed now that black hole is unbanned
    <Adamtheamazing64> yeah
    <Adamtheamazing64> but DME didn't have it
    <Dante> ,,,,
    <Dante> How is it needed
    <AFuzzyMuffin> I cant wait for DME to get that card
    <Chronos> LOL
    <Chronos> we dont have white holl
    <Dante> No one -ever- uses those counter cards
    <Chronos> *hole
    <Dante> -EVER-
    <Chronos> Lmao!!
    <AFuzzyMuffin> Because dante it shuts down dark hole.
    <Yin> lol it's -needed-?
    <AFuzzyMuffin> Its good.
    <Saber> Counter Blast Counter
    <Chronos> its totally needed!!
    <Adamtheamazing64> SHIT DOOD
    <Adamtheamazing64> USE MAGIC DRAIN
    <AFuzzyMuffin> Majic jamer is a minus 1
    <AFuzzyMuffin> White hole is gaurenteed to stop dark hole
    <Chronos> lololol
    <Chronos> Lmao
    <AFuzzyMuffin> Plus it destroyes there monsters
    <Adamtheamazing64> dark bribe says lol no
    <Dante> And White Hole is a Dead Draw against people who don't run it
    <Chronos> I cant stop laughing
    <Chronos> Oh dear god
    <Adamtheamazing64> this is so stupid!!
    <Chronos> my gut...
    <Chronos> LOL
    <AFuzzyMuffin> Oh well dante
    <Saber> Is someone -actually- arguing that White Hole is good?
    <AFuzzyMuffin> I still want it
    <Yin> and White Hole is only for one card, and they may not even run it
    <Chronos> my gut hurts so much
    <Dante> Yes Dev
    <Dante> it's Muffin
    <Adamtheamazing64> Hi Dev, it's fuzzy
    <AFuzzyMuffin> Pulling white hole out on a dark hole user would be lol worthy
    <Duke> Be sure to post it in dumbass quotes.
    <Adamtheamazing64> indeed, but it sucks
    <Adamtheamazing64> i will
    <McHaggus> Yeah, for the person playing it because you run White Hole.
    <Chronos> lies adam
    <Dante> Lol for you running White Hole
    <Chronos> White hole is the best card ever
    <Dante> why not run Call of the Grave
    <Chronos> xD
    <Duke> And with that I mean Tifa's Dumbass Quotes thread.
    <Chronos> lolol
    <Duke> Because Adam starting the Dumbass Quotes thread is top score in irony.
    <Chronos> oh fuzzy the things you say
    <AFuzzyMuffin> Call of the grave?
    <AFuzzyMuffin> Whats that?
    <Chronos> call of the haunted
    <AFuzzyMuffin> fuck yea
    <Dante> No
    <AFuzzyMuffin> Do we have that?

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    Not sure where this fits into the bingo thing but anyways...

    <Aeon> I swear Kit just makes me wanna bah! you know what I mean right?
    <Aeon> oh crap o_o that was meant for a PM lmao

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    <AFuzzyMuffin> Oh wait
    <AFuzzyMuffin> Its for all spell casters
    <AFuzzyMuffin> Holy crap
    <AFuzzyMuffin> I could use this in a deck that uses spell casters
    <Yugioh5552> Ive been up till 3 PM yesterday pepole join this game
    <Yugioh5552> Oregon time
    <Sunshine> I don't understand the connection between you being up till 3 PM yesterday and us having to join a game
    <Sunshine> But I'm sure that is me
    <Yugioh5552> I want to duel so i can GO TO BED
    <Sunshine> So a duel is needed in order for you to sleep
    <Yugioh5552> {it helps me sleep at night

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    <Master Craybo> that's it I quit dueling
    <Alicius> why?
    <Alicius> people being sour?
    <Master Craybo> naw can't get a challenge anymore
    <Sunshine> Ohh right
    <Sunshine> You are too good
    <Master Craybo> pretty much

    <Avainer1> None can beat my Quasar OTK
    <Avainer1> Buster
    <Avainer1> this deck of mine
    <Avainer1> beated a lock
    <Avainer1> A lock that es unstopable :O
    <Buster> And that lock was?...
    <Avainer1> Full of those drop to grave to negeate attack, and those who fucking change poistion. Also he ran a countdown
    Last edited by Buster; April 2nd, 2011 at 06:58 AM.

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    Eclipse> I'm not here to stay, no worries Kyou.
    Eclipse was banned from the world for: DMG is a wonderful place. It has a great community and I would be there if I weren't banning you with my delicate claws.

    Also a favorite of mine that Dev said afterwards.
    <Saber> OH EM GEE
    <Saber> WHAT A POTSHOT
    <Saber> THAT DEV, MAN
    <Saber> HOW DARE HE

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    <Master Craybo> you should worship me for being so awesome
    <Master Craybo> lol I've dueled 5 times in tournament my record is 4 wins 1 loss so that = 90 percent

    Last edited by Buster; April 10th, 2011 at 08:29 AM.

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    Shotlock> Someone name me a good tuner yusei uses :\
    <Adamtheamazing64> D.D. Sprite
    <Shuyin178> Junk Synchron
    <Dabomb777> debris dragon
    <Shuyin178> Effect Veiler
    <Adamtheamazing64> Veiler wins it
    <Shotlock> I dident know veiler was a tuner :\
    <Shuyin178> fail xD

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    <AFuzzyMuffin> They should make a store

    <AFuzzyMuffin> Where they only sell illegal drugs

    <AFuzzyMuffin> They could bust people there

    <Expelsword - Hope> DAQ for sure

    <AFuzzyMuffin> And the cops could catch all the drug dealers

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    <Gatsby> exhcange is so pro, you can play 2 monster reborn or black hole

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