Los Cazadores

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Los Cazadores

Post by Snake » Fri Mar 15, 2019 4:38 am


The Demon Hunting Guild

Hail to all fellow Pizza Lovers! If you're somebody who greatly enjoys either STYLING with any and all weapons, frustrating your enemies with CRAZY dodges, MINCING your targets with lead, or simply taking heavy BLOWS like they're pummeling you with kiddy gloves?

Or maybe you've simply a poor soul cursed with the destiny of finally getting face-to-face with what a true definition of 'Demon', and saw how horrible and twisted any sentient living being can get when they lose control of their inner, and utmost dark desires?

If any of those fancies you, then you'll be mostly welcome to Los Cazadores!


We are a group of life-trained warriors in the art of 'Demon Hunting', adept at combat for either entertainment or business to face foes of absurd power and difficulty and simply emerge out victorious no matter how difficult the situation is.

We strictly accept about any tasks to be requested for us to deal with, as long as they follow three simple criterias:
1- They are extremely difficult and life-threatening for both you AND our guild members.
2- Nobody else can do it but us.
3- The reward is worthy every drop of sweat on the effort we put.


If none or not at least two of those criteria are met, then I recommend tossing that mission to the Blades of the Promised Land, they'll sure take care of it. Wasting time ain't our style at all.

"But what is 'Demon Hunting' exactly?"

Easy answer. Demon Hunting is the act of well... Hunting demons. But how come we don't hunt what people would easily imagine red-skinned entities with horns and a pitchfork? It's because those are just folklore crap. The 'demons' we face are the very root of what the word means.
- Are you being swarmed by Goblins that are destroying your plantations, killing your women and child and burning your homes? Those are no longer 'Goblins' but Demons.
- Did one person completely lose themselves to the point they completely abandoned their 'humanity' and is starting to perform atrocities? That's a Demon.
- Is your Pizza topping covered with Pineapples? It was questionably cooked by a Demon.

Now you see. It goes beyond snapping fingers for stances or being a jerkass about how you do your things. What Demon Hunting is made for, by the end of all, is KILLING DEMONS. Showing off is just a bonus.


"Oh cool, so can I jump in guns blazing for some sick smokin' action?"

Chotto Matte Kudasai, champ. Be warned, there are a few things that you'll have to be aware of. The life of a Cazador is not all fun times and pizza. We are easy-going but we will expect diligence with your job. We hunt Demons for the sake of ridding the world of complicated, nigh-impossible-to-deal-against bad guys. Be aware that you'll be knocking on death's door quite a lot, and always expect the worst. To be a Cazador is to walk on a thin thread between life and death at all times when out there, so we won't really be accepting about everyone! You MUST be combat-capable to have any chance to get in.

No matter if you like snapping your fingers and swapping stances, or if you're simply the type to say a few words and fling a tornado at your enemies. What matters is the most important element:

You will need to show us your MOTIVATION.

((I'd rather all interactions to be strictly IC. If you come across Tattered Stylist (Sora), Crimson-Clad Stylist (Horatio) or Blonde-Haired Rascal (Bella), feel free to talk with them about it.))

((Otherwise, if circumstances are not favorable. Throw a DM to Kunai#6339 and I'll try to help you.))
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