Note: This is a WIP since my notes vanished somehow.

- New Jammer Skills - Added new skills for Jammer Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Epsilon.
- Monster Armor - Eventually all monsters, but currently, Jammers only possess monster armor of varying armor types.
- Monster Scaling - Monsters now upgrade their monster weapon's Power, Hit and Critical based on their level. (+0.4 upgrade per level.) They upgrade their monster armor at the same rate.
- New Duelist Skills - Added 3 new Duelist skills.
- New Trait Icons - Added some more trait icons.
- Duelist's Sharpen; Effect changed to +1 Power/Hit/Critical per Rank for equipped weapons. Lasts 5 rounds at max Rank.
- Duelist's Flottement; Damage capped at 25% bonus damage. Duration max increased to 10 rounds.
- Duelist's Crystal Rose; Circle size decreased by 1. Non-enchant and Kraken Elemental Impact versions have a chance to inflict Frozen LV 20.
- Added animations for some existing Duelist skills.
- Added an animation for elemental enchantment statuses.
- Battles now generate a special background instead of being all black space.
- Some PVE battles have smaller maps, namely the random encounters.
- Battles on randomly generated battlefields have some variance on party formations.
- HP Recovery battle items, such as Stabilizers etc., can be used outside of battle by dragging and dropping the item from your inventory (or a utility belt slot that has it set) to the character HUD at the top of the screen. (Note that the same requirements for using them are the same as if you'd use them in battle, and will apply all the effects. Namely, it will apply Potion Sickness, and can't be used on a target who has Potion Sickness already.)
- Special effect activation notifications for skill/trait effects; this is a work in progress, but covers most of the traits added and Duelist skills. When an effect activates, you'll see it below the character, and can click it to see what the effect actually details.
- Sound effects added for various things, such as skill increases, clicking around talent menus, etc.
- When you use physical and mental stamina, a message will appear in chat saying how much you used and how much is remaining.
- laplaceNET requests which are ready to turn in now have an orange title.
- Deleting a character no longer forces you to reconnect to the game.
- Several large performance drains from grid interfaces that would slow the client down even when not viewed have been corrected.


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