New World Event
  • Added a new raid event that occurs randomly in which two boss monsters will attack a mine on a random continent.
New Furniture
  • 12 crystal lighting items (by TheCommonNoob)
  • 6 monster plushies (by Eldecrok)
New Icon Parts
  • 2 new hairs (by Sarah54321 and Roland respectively)
  • 2 new head parts (by Krunch and Roland respectively)
  • 1 new torso part (by Krunch)
Item Changes
  • Tarnada - Vydel casting effect changed, added visual effect:
    On Critical: Gain 1+(UL/2) Tarnada Charges. Then, if you have 100 or more Tarnada Charges, consumes them and casts Vydel on the target for free.
  • Gigantys - Weight-to-Hit penalty changed to half of Weight.
Class Changes
  • Black Knight - Steel Aura; Now also prevents weapon On Critical item effects from triggering.


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