New Chatbox
  • Added a new browser-based chatbox with the intention of having a more visually appealing experience as well as adding new functionality.
  • Chat settings can be changed, including background color, user's preferred color (which their messages will show up in), etc.
  • Square brackets can be used to specify a face-icon state to display. IE, using [annoyed] will use the face-icon state 'annoyed' for that message.
  • Pets now use the face-icon state 'pet' if possible.
  • Magical Feathers now resonate when they touch an enemy. (Either by being created in the same tile as one, or by being stepped on.)
  • Magical Feathers - Base amount changed to 10, per round generation changed to 2. (From 5/1)
  • Falcon Strike - Now has a 2 round CD.
  • Wind Flourish - Now generates 5 + Rank Feathers (from 2 + Rank).
  • Boon of Apus - Now generates 30 Feathers (from 15).
  • Cyclone Spear - Blazing version no longer pulls.
Grand Summoner
  • Encourage - Max rank changed to 3. Bonus stats increased to 2 + Rank. Range increased to 4.
  • Sagum Ruinam - Damage is now halved against enemies above 30% of their maximum HP. (From 15%).
  • Grand Finale - Damage penalty is now reduced by 10% for each Youkai you have summoned. (IE, 3 summoned = no penalty).
  • PR-Hi Potion; Now costs 6M.
  • PR-Regenerative; Now costs 4M.
  • Adversity Annihilator; Scaling changed to 10% WIL, 70% SKI, 30% STR. (added STR scaling)


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