Rune Magician
  • A new Mage promoted class, the Rune Magician, has been added.
  • Utilizing 12 different runes to create zones of control, support allies, and damage enemies, they offer a unique style of gameplay.
  • Rune effects vary and they can be utilized in different ways; Runes may be placed directly onto the battlefield, allowing them to trigger their Placed effects when set. Resonate effects will then trigger on a new round in combat. If an enemy enters the rune's effective range, it will trigger, destroying itself but applying an effect to all enemies in that range.
  • Some also have Engrave effects, which can be used to apply an effect directly to an enemy, but puts the Rune on a 1 round cooldown.
  • Up to one Rune of each type can be set into the same tile as other Runes; this will Link them together. A Rune's Rune Level is equal to the amount of runes in the Link, while effective range starts at 1 and increases by 1 for every 2 additional Runes in the Link.
Deployment Phase
  • Before the first turn of battle, a new phase starts called the deployment phase.
  • Player characters can select a tile within half of their movement speed (including start of battle buffs). They will move there when the phase ends.
  • Party members can see where their allies intend to deploy.
  • Phase ends after 10 seconds or when all players have pressed Accept.
  • Will not occur in battles with pre-determined starting locations.
  • A new accessory subtype called Familiars has been added. 12 Familiars will be initially available.
  • Familiars are crafted at a specific NPC using various crafting items. (Enchanting skill, 4 difficulty)
  • Each Familiar offers a unique skill, which costs 0M and has a 3 round CD.
    For example, Elemental Force (Fire)'s skill is Force of Fire, which grants +10 Fire ATK until your next turn. If you aren't treated as enchanted with an elemental, it also grants Nerhaven LV1 until your next turn.
  • Familiar skills cannot be used if you are Confused or Silenced.
Dynamic Spells
  • New items called Dynamic Tomes will be added to the game. These give access to a custom spell by utilizing new items called Seeds.
  • Baseline, custom spells do 100% of your SWA + 100% of Elem ATK to all enemies in its effective range. (They will always use Dynamic Tomes to calculate this. The applicable Dynamic Tome's damage type determines the Elem ATK used.)
  • There are several types of Seeds; Large, Medium, Small, Style, and Extra. Each Dynamic Tome can support one of each of these.
  • Small, Medium, and Large Seeds are obtained from monsters of level 1-25, 26-50, and 51+ respectively. These seeds can be used to trigger certain effects, typically scaling to the size of the seed. For example, they may deal an extra hit of elemental damage on enemies you target.
  • Monsters that drop Seeds will always drop a Seed of the same type regardless of level. (IE, they have their own unique seed. Not all monsters possess a Seed drop as of yet.)
  • Style Seeds are obtained from Treasure Balls (rarely). They are used to show an animation before the spell's effects are triggered.
  • Extra Seeds will be added at a later time.
  • A new town on Kysei, Karaten, has been added.
  • Mapped by Slydria.
  • Contains new NPCs, lots of housing, etc.
  • Includes Medical Head role for this town.
Donation Items
  • Mirror Shard Picker - 50 Asagorians. Lets you pick any single mirror shard and gives it to you.
  • Style Seed Picker - 100 Asagorians. Lets you pick any single style seed and gives it to you. NOTE: There is no preview included. To preview style seeds, go to the weapon shop in Karaten and use the magic circle there.


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