Youkai Ascension
Seiryuu and Byakko can now be 'ascended', granting them additional base stats, new icons(*1), and an upgraded skill.
To ascend Youkai, the Youkai must be level 60. Several craft and miscellaneous items are also required. Once ascended, the Youkai will remain at the same level.
  • Seiryuu; Seal of the East+ - Superior crest of the ruler of the East. They gain +2 CEL. If the owner of this skill is summoned to a tile on the East side of the battlefield, they gain Punishing Winds LV X (X = Youkai level) for 5 rounds. While this is active, at the start of a new round, all enemies in the battle take Wind magic damage that ignores Armor equal to its LV; Hunter Wind's Range increases by 3 and it will pull the target up to 5 tiles towards the user.
  • Byakko; Seal of the West+ - Superior crest of the ruler of the West. They gain +2 STR. If the owner of this skill is summoned to a tile on the West side of the battlefield, they gain Lightning Judgment LV X (X = Youkai level) for 5 rounds. While this is active, Lightning Claw's range increases by 5 and teleports the user next to the target when used, and Roar will also deal Lightning magic damage that ignores Armor to all enemies in the battle equal to LV.
*1 - Depending on the timing of the update, only one or neither of the Youkai may have their new icons, but once they are available, any ascended versions will use them (unless they have been Youkai Regalia'd).
*2 - Since this is a new system, it is possible these Youkai may receive additional Ascension levels that change additional things at some point in the future.

Patrion Chest & Patreon Rewards
  • Patrion Chests have been added to Asago buildings. You can buy various items here, including Item Regalia and Youkai Regalia.
  • Patreon rewards have been set up; check the Patreon category when it becomes visible. Implemented rewards include additional save slots, automatic Patrion delivery, Patreon Discord role, higher upload limit, and events alert channel.
  • Vect Wasp and Gold Beetle have been added to random dungeons.
    *] Mirror Knight has been added as a possible boss in Desert theme dungeons.
    *] 3 new 10* items, 3 new spell seeds, and a new enchantment have been added.
  • Reaper Scythe - Scaling changed to 110% + 10% per Rank.
  • Scarlet Twister & Blood Spike - Sword and Axe casting tools only use 80% of your SWA.
  • Claret Call - LV when applied changed to 1 + 1 if you are below 50% of your maximum HP.
  • Traps - Max rank changed to 3. Elemental ATK Ratio changed to 80% + 10% per Rank. Now last for 10 rounds. Damage increased by 10% for every round the trap remains active. Can now inflict a status effect (Burn LV Rank
  • 10, Frostbite LV Rank * 10, Poison LV Rank * 5 respectively).
  • Dagger Dance - Now named Twin Dance. Now triggers for all non-ranged weapons as long as both of them share a weapon type. Damage scaling now occurs after all other modifiers.
  • Flank - Max rank changed to 1 (damage is same as max rank). If a Dagger weapon, it also ignores up to 6 Armor.
Item Adjustments
  • Foxpaw - Now extends the duration of Cinders created by Firefall by 2 rounds. Seeker Flame spawn changed to UL*4% (from UL%).
  • Dokuneko Bells - Chance to proc increased to UL*4% (from UL*2%).
  • Thunder Hooves - Max Electrocharges gained at once changed to UL/2. Electrocharges gained from dealing damage changed to 5% of damage dealt (or 1, whichever is higher).


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