**** you GM's and Neus Projects staff!

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**** you GM's and Neus Projects staff!

Post by Rufus00 » Mon Jul 02, 2018 4:54 am

I followed the rules, done the procedure to get unban, nicely requested to know for the reason for the ban, waited patiently for more then two months, asked politely again with some extra words, then have my Unban Request post deleted. My patients and politeness is gone. Without further ado, here are my last words to the GM's of Sigrogana Legend 2 and the Neus Projects staff. **** your trolling, non reasonable ***es! You guys have no respect for players, you demand respect from players you disrespect, and think that what you say or do is always right and reasonable. You have zero concern for those who ask for an audience for a misdeed and leave them to rot. To top it off, you GM's and staff made a rule saying, "You(GM's and staff) don't have to respond to the posts of any kind.". That is just being lazy with the responsibilities of being GM's and/or staff members. Especially if you have a section in your board that specifically made to make certain posts to you. I know it takes time to do somethings, but it dose not take over two months just to tell a person the reason for their ban nor explain why it happened. If you guys are going to respond to peoples post by deleting them, then you mind as well delete the entire section from the board if your not going to answer or take responsibility for that section of the board. I can take responsibility for my actions and what I have said, but apparently you guys can not do that nor anything similar. After reading this post, feel free to delete it the same way you deleted my Unban Request post. While your at it, delete the account. As there is no further reason to use it not for it to exist. **** you GM's and Neus Project staff, **** your twisted constant bending one sided rules, and since I'm never going to be playing the game(s) made by Neus Project anymore, **** your game! Thank you for reading this post and have a nice life!

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Re: **** you GM's and Neus Projects staff!

Post by Chaos » Mon Jul 02, 2018 12:58 pm

Neus wrote:Your post may/may not be moved to a private staff forum for discussion after the topic is made.
Unban Requests do not get deleted. Yours was moved for discussion, and progress on that front is slow.

Bear in mind, however, that bans do not just happen because you 'weren't banned yet', or whatever other reason your mind has concocted. We have been around long enough to see plenty of Unban Requests along the lines of, 'i didn't do nothing', and every single time, it turns out that the requesting party is playing ignorant or trying to push the blame elsewhere, which is more than enough grounds to turn down their request. Yet we're discussing your ban anyways, despite not only your complete lack of information in favor of hitting every warning sign that you're either lying through your teeth or shifting the blame as hard as you can, but your completely unhelpful and antagonistic attitude.

Of course, if you're dead set on leaving because you haven't seen any progress in a few months, we won't stop you.
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