Precipice of Twilight

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Precipice of Twilight

Post by Aqua » Tue Dec 03, 2019 2:45 pm

Precipice of Twilight

Precipice of Twilight are now Recruiting bad guy characters to PROMOTE more bad guy RP in the community. While I may not have everything worked out at this moment in time, i'd rather make this a collective thing that players can pitch into if they join up.

Requirements: People want these things right? But in all seriousness there are some small requirements.

1) Only join up if you want to join up, this is not something your going to be forced into.
2) It's likely you'll be part of events for other guilds within the community,(I.E The Blades of the Promised Land, as an Example), you may have to fight these people. You don't not require a good build because after all not every build is going to counter everything people throw at you but its best if you have a build you are comfortable with using.
3) If you play a major role of a character on the game, you are required to prioritise that before your bad guy character if required. (I.E if you play a guard character you must PRIORITISE that before your bad guy character.)
4) Race? Dude play whatever you feel is right for your character, Im not going to judge your character on race.
5)Have some common sense. So like don't Metagame and godmod, this is against the rules regardless of if you haven't read them. (If you haven't read the server rules prior to this post your recommended to do so. You can find them here
6) Have fun! It's supposed to be fun for yourselves and the rest of the community.

There is one thing I'd like to say, I encourage players that DO NOT PLAY VILLIANS but want to play villans to join up more than I do players who already play villians. Why? Because I'd like to not only promote RP for the community but also give people who would like to play villians the chance to do so. Thats not to say I won't accept people that already play them but I will prioritse new ones rather than exsisting ones for the stated reason above.

(OOC NOTE: This information is not IC due to it being a villian group, if you want to join feel free to DM on Discord at Aqua#4529, if that's not possible feel free to send me a private message on here, I tend to respond to them most of the time. When I say I haven't got everything thought out, this is because there are some things I need to run by other people before I can implement them in the group.)

Edit: I do not want trolls signing up. Just to make that entirely clear.