Trait Suggestions

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Trait Suggestions

Post by Eldecrok » Mon Feb 11, 2019 7:47 am

The title says it all. Not all these are good, but they are mechanically thoughtful. Let's rumble!

Some key terms:
X - Arbitrary Number

Graceful Fumble - Prerequisites: None
You now gracefully fumble with every attack, making you used to get hit, but also making you fumble. Very often.

You no longer proc Evasion (you can still dodge attacks) for 30%DR to that attack. Instead, you have a flat damage reduction of X to every attack, but not for effects (i.e. burn, poison, etc.)

Direct Hit, Direct Miss - Prerequisites: None
The choice to land a hit, or to never be hit. If one specializes in one, they forgo the other.

Choice: Evade, Hit.
If Hit: +15 Hit, -20 Evade
If Evade: +15 Evade, -20 Hit

On Hit, On Miss - Prerequisites: Direct Hit, Direct Miss
What actually happens when you land a hit? Avoid a hit?

Choice: Evade, Hit
If Hit: 10% to proc on-hit effects again
If Evade: +5 to evasion-damage skills (i.e.) Riposte)

Directional Confusion - Prerequisites: None
You often get confused about which direction you are going.

Negate effects of Chivalry. At the beginning of each round, face a random direction.

Directional Madness - Prerequisites: Directional Confusion. Activate Directional Confusion 500 times.
You sincerely have no sense of direction!

Negate effects of Flanking and Backstab. You cannot use Chivalry, Flanking, or Backstab. You cannot Ambush enemies. You randomly spin while walking in the overworld.