[v2.11c] Delayed Impact Topic is solved

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[v2.11c] Delayed Impact

Post by Spoops » Mon Sep 30, 2019 11:41 am

When you charge and move and attack with Charging Strike you'll normally get a bonus to your damage based on its rank, this doesn't occur if you extend Charge to the next round with an effect like Meditate, Extend Void and Pray, this also extends to the effects you get from charging and then using a soldier skill, like Mad Chop.

I didn't quite know if this was necessarily a bug or if its even possible to fix since I believe Charging Strike behaves differently, but Shukuchi behaves correctly when extended (Still extends the range of Geldoren/Light Tomahawk and lets you teleport on Dense Thunder.)

Though I do hope this can be fixed as it'd be a very cool tool to utilize for play making, and class combos for Soldier.

To replicate, use Charge and then any extension skill, I used Extend Void in this case. Then wait until the next round, move and then attack, observe as charging strike will not apply to your skills (Such as Incise or Shinken) or your basic attack's damage itself.

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Re: [v2.11c] Delayed Impact

Post by Neus » Sat Oct 26, 2019 4:54 pm

Charging Strike only applies to the number of tiles you move during the round it's applied in.

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