[v.2.12] Tamaki Shuriken Potential Invalid

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[v.2.12] Tamaki Shuriken Potential Invalid

Post by K Peculier » Sat Oct 05, 2019 8:11 am

The Tamaki shuriken potential 'Acid Flower' does not perform a basic attack anymore despite being listed in its skill description.
  • Potential Skill - Acid Flower
    Tamaki Shuriken's Potential Skill. Unleashes a barrage of acid shurikens in all directions around you. If these hit an enemy, it performs a basic attack on them with a bonus to hit equal to Tamaki Shuriken's UL. Once it reaches its maximum distance or hits an enemy, it also creates a 2 range circle of Acid Pools and spawns a random flower at the location. These last for 5 rounds and have a LV equal to 1 + Tamaki Shuriken's UL.
The poison tiles and flowers will still proc if they hit max range or a player but will do no damage attacks.

Steps to reproduce:

- Use 'Acid Flower' skill on any mob
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