[v.2.13b] A Field of Frozen Spaghetti

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[v.2.13b] A Field of Frozen Spaghetti

Post by Kameron8 » Tue Nov 05, 2019 10:14 pm

Ice Sheets have a neat little quirk where some skills have different priorities when creating them. This means that SOME abilities deny the creation of Ice Sheets when Sheets are already present, while others will slap a second set of Sheets directly on top of it, allowing multiple instances of them to exist simultaneously. One spell will do the sensible thing and overwrite all preexisting Ice Sheets.

Hate yourself yet? No? Great. I'm compiling these inconsistencies in the hope that all skills and spells that generate Ice Sheets will be changed to consistently overwrite other Ice Sheets on their tile when forming.

To explain this phenomenon, I'm going to be vaguely referring to different skills and spells as low-priority, high-priority, or special cases. The high-priority abilities appear to be, from various test cases, elemental compatible skills that gain the 'Freezing' prefix. Low-priority skills and spells are abilities that have Ice Sheet generation baked into their ability inherently.
The single special case I've identified is Miu, which overwrites everything it passes over. Here's a quick chart with some examples to keep track:

Low Priority Ice Sheet Generators: Crawling Spikes, Famiuga, Libegrande
High Priority Ice Sheet Generators: Freezing Heaven Kick, Freezing Crystal Rose, Freezing Sidecut.
Special Case: Miu

If I haven't lost you by now, let me give a tangible example of this behavior. We can use some helpful tools like Expanding Ice and Frostbite to give us insight into whether Ice Sheets are coexisting on the same tile, and whether or not they have varying stacks of themselves.

Example 1: Freezing Crystal Rose creates tiles that exist on the same square as Famiuga:


Note that Expanding Ice harms both the character surrounded in Ice Sheets created by Famiuga, and the character surrounded by the last created Ice Sheets from Freezing Crystal Rose. Because a high-priority skill was used on top of a low-priority one, both sets of Ice Sheets exist at the same time.

However, if we reverse the order, and try to stack Ice Sheets created from a low-priority spell on top of a high-priority one...

Example 2: Famiuga fails to create Ice Sheets on top of Freezing Crystal Rose tiles:

Note that the character standing in the center of the Ice Sheets generated by Freezing Crystal Rose is not harmed by Expanding Ice, and the character that used Famiuga is. High-priority generators will simply add another layer of themselves atop preexisting Ice Sheets, while low-priority generators will not.

This means, after using a skill such as Freezing Heaven Kick five of six times, there are also five or six layers of tiles all stacked up on top of one another. Cue Frostbite:

Example 3: High-priority generator (Heaven Kick) creates five sets of Ice Sheets:

To prove something otherwise invisible exists, note the 5 instances of Frostbite damage received from walking a single tile at the very end of the example.

Because it's relatively self-explanatory, no gif will be provided for Miu's interactions. When Miu is cast, all Ice Sheets, whether it be one or six stacks, are removed and replaced by one belonging to Miu's caster. I believe ALL abilities should function this way, and that every ability should overwrite Ice Sheets when creating them. Obviously, stacking multiple iterations of the tile is not intended, and it seems preferable to allow characters who create the tiles to fight over space to control than sit in a permanently safe zone.

TL;DR: (I don' t blame you this time) - Some skills don't care if Ice Sheets already exist, and create them on top of the tile anyway. This leads to tiles with both friendly and hostile Ice Sheets, or several stacks of Ice Sheets that can all explode when triggered via Frostbite. All skills and spells should replace Ice Sheets that are already present, regardless of original creator, when creating new ones.

TL;DR for the TL;DR:
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Re: A Field of Frozen Spaghetti

Post by Shujin » Tue Nov 05, 2019 10:53 pm

Firebird is weak they said. Firebird can't do jackshit they claimed.

Ice was good for once.

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