[2.17b] Warding Through Reality

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Posted to Death
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[2.17b] Warding Through Reality

Post by Kameron8 » Thu Jan 16, 2020 1:42 am

Warding rune, when engraved, knocks players back without respecting density. That is to say, you can knock people back through dense objects, make them land on top of bushes, or on top of other players.

To replicate:

1. Position an enemy X tiles away from your rune mage, where X = rank of Warding Rune.
2. Ensure the enemy is facing away from your direction, so that they knock back the correct way.
3. Engrave Warding Rune on the enemy, and watch them backpedal onto your location.
4. use fleeing specters or famiuga or some shit and hit them 8 times